Wolf Town

Wolf Town is a wolf roleplaying game. It follows in the footsteps of Wild Wolf Society, a kind of predecessor. Wolf Town is a game which endeavors to be run almost entirely by the users and is thus not associated as being run by just any one person or small group of people (however there will be administrators taking care of the technical issues such as coding), and there is a Survival Plan in effect to that end (by no means required reading!). We are constantly looking for ways to make our game run more smoothly, efficiently, and automatically so that our beloved community can survive sustainably for the foreseeable future. If you have any suggestions feel free to let us know!


Wolf Town

Wolf Town, or WT, is a realistic wolf roleplaying game set in The Olympic Peninsula of Washington. Unlike our quasi-predecessor's (Wild Wolf Society) timeline of 5 years in the past we have jumped/skipped ahead to present day. This means you may age your character according to the present date. Example: If it is currently January 1, 2013 and your character is 2 years old their birthday would be sometime in the year 2011

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What If I Am Bringing My Character In From Wild Wolf Society?

The timeline change has no effect on previous members of WWS! The community voted that although WT is being played in present times prior members of WWS will play as if WWS had no timeline set in the past (meaning your WWS character won't have suddenly aged 5 years)!

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We hope you're interested in joining us. Please see our Guidebook for more information on joining and take a look at our What Makes Wolf Town Different article to see a little bit of information on what sets Wolf Town apart from other role play games. Don't be shy, feel free to start posting on our Forum so you can start to get to know our community and ask any questions you might have about Wolf Town. We look forward to seeing you around soon!

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